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governing body stripped lance armstrong of his seven tour de france titles and banned him for life from the sport. >> stephen: so what are they going to do to the titles now, give them to the runners up? oh, i'm sure they weren't doping. they finished second behind a guy who rocketed up mountain sides with powdered monkey nut injected into his heart. (laughter) yeah, these guys are clean, no doubt. squeaky. (laughter) but, folks, losing his seven titles is not the worst news for lance. >> experts estimate lance armstrong might lose up to $200 million now that his big sponsors have dropped out-- nike radio shack, trek. >> stephen: that's $199,999,997 from nike and trek and a pair of a.a.a. batteries from radio shack. (laughter) now folks, this scandal has also affected lance's cancer charity livestrong known for their yellow bracelets. so lance is doing the right thing. >> lance armstrong is stepping down as chairman of his livestrong cancer-fighting charity. he says he wants to step down as a result to limit the damage from the doping scandal involving him. >> he had no choice. everythi
. it is a reflection on the culture that allows us to mythologize general petraeus, lance armstrong, joe paterno. we have seen this all over again but would fall for friction. the other piece of it below is the republican party itself. it is in a fantasyland. it did not believe the polls, instead tried to demonize bolsters including people like the 538 and deny the numbers. there were no numbers in rahm the's economic policy and they .enied climate change they drank their own kool-aid and were poisoned by it in the end. tavis: let me start with this, this beautiful phrase that you use that we can so often to fall from fiction. i get that -- i do not get that with lance armstrong. i am not sickened by what he did. i did i get it in our politics because our lives really do depend on these decisions in what clinton. my life does not depend on whether armstrong wins or joe turner of wins another football game. i did i get how and why he is but why, to your mind, are we so gullible and why do we tend to fall for fiction where politics, decisions about our lives are concerned? >> you asked a question that
lance armstrong is taking another hit. >> yeah coming up we're going to it will you about the changes tom -- about the changes coming to the cyclist's charitable foundation. >> and hearings over the benghazi attack that killed four americans begins today. we are going to show you the role general david petraeus could play in the proceedings. [ harry umlaut ] the five stages of muller. suspicion: it's yogurt, how good can it be? revision. "actually, this ain't bad"? surprise! "look at this cool corner thingy!" desolation. "it's gone." anticipation "hey! there's more in the fridge." [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy. >>> thanks for staying with us, general david petraeus will now testify at a hearing on friday about the benghazi attack back on september 11th in which four americans died. abc2 news linda so is here with those details and linda, is this hearing going to be open to the public? >> reporter: it is not. it will happen behind closed doors at a house intelligence committee hearing. we've learned petraeus will testify early friday morning. when the attack happene
investigation into the case against disgraced cycling legend lance armstrong. we'll preview the documentary and you'll hear more of the evidence against armstrong. >>> imagine this, if you can can. a washington without gridlock. i'm not talking about the nation's capital but a town in virginia hoping the name sick gets its act together. >> just an hour outside of d.c., people in the small town of washington, virginia, spent months waiting to see what the election would bring their way. and many like cabinet maker peter cramer say they didn't much care about whether the democrats or republicans would win. just as long as the creeping economy starts racing again. >> i'm saying it's both of those people's faults. let's get some people in washington who want to solve the problem and stop the gridlock. >> next door at the gourmet farmers cafe, susan james spent the run up to the election feeling much the same way. >> the economy has changed the way we have conducted business and it's changed decisions we have made. major decision. >> instead of expanding her family-owned business, she kept a clo
for the foundation created by disgraced ycliss lance armstrong has dropped his name... n the wake of a doping scandal.for years... the lance armstrong foundation &phas been informally known as liveetrong.armstrong founded the charity in 19-97 after testiiular cancer. he stepped down from tth ooganization last month after u-ss report clliming armstrong was involved in dopinggduring his career.his fouudation wwll now officially be known as the "livvstrong foundation". are you our biggest fan?then you can become.. our fan of the day! everyday we'll picc one of ourr viewers frommour ffcebook page... and feature them on fan just go to our facebook page... facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore. coming up on the early edition... police in harford county are ánotá laughiig ovvr a youtube video... of a dangerous stunt. stunn.(sundia)"its great.. ya know not heee in bel air... lau" laagg!!!!"the risky stunt ptaged on main street in bel air. 3 &p((break 1)) ((break 1)) [ male announcer ] what can you experience in a seat? inspiration. great power. iconic design. exhilarating performance. [ race announc
. >>> another blow to lance armstrong's reputation. >>> welcome back. 4:46. here's a look at our radar, showers off the shore around san diego otherwise dry today and it will be until we get into the latter parts of the afternoon where a stray shower is possible south of the monterey bay and around san diego, temperatures in the 60s around san diego, big sur, chico to eureka at 60. 54 tahoe increasing clouds, low to mid 70s through the central valley to los angeles, 80 in palm springs. >>> on capitol hill lawmakers continue their meeting today with top fbi and cia officials over what led to the resignation of former cia director david petraeus. he resigned last week after admitting to an extramarital affair. that affair was discovered during an fbi investigation of harassing e-mails allegedly sent by broadwell to jill kelley. law enforcement official says broadwell sent e-mails to senior military officials in an attempt to undermine kelley who she saw as a romantic viral. -- romantic rival. >>> president obama heads to new york today to tour superstorm sandy damage. the president will meet with
. >> public confidence has been badly shaken by a lance armstrong scandal. a doping conspiracy on the scale meant -- never be repeated but sports cannot afford to take chances. >> to jimi hendrix, the mention of his name probably conjures up a guitar riff. ♪ known for his showmanship, many remember when he set a guitar at fire at the monterey pop festival. moments before he did, he switched instruments and now this vendor is being auctioned. it is expected to fetch more than $200,000. today would have been his 70th birthday. for more on his appeal, i spoke with the editor of billboard magazine. how come he is so influential tax >> he did released three albums but they completely real imagine what the electric guitar could do. people are still exploring what he laid out in those records. it also does not heard he was flamboyant, as flamboyant as he was gifted. he died tragically young. >> he has been described as number one. aru else is a distant number 2. >> he continues to be the mountaintop. he tops every magazine poll. you are right. everybody is a distant number 2. his contemporaries
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lance armstrong has been dropped by his own cancer charity. ouch. we'll have an update on that >> greg: the president's press conference. >> kristy parsons. >> hey. >> thank you, mr. president. and congregations, by the way. >> kristy was there when i was running for state senate. >> that's right, i was. >> kristy and i go back a ways. >> i've seen never you lose. i wasn't looking that one time. >> there you go. >> greg: yeah. think i'm going to cry or possibly be sick. keep in mind that this was ways his presser at the white house in eight months. joining me to reek, my fellow tiny co-host from "the five" and former white house press secretary for president george w. bush, dana perino. two of us together, still don't equal bill's height. >> does bill know you're here playing dress up? >> greg: no, not at all. i don't know if this is being taped. >> we're on equal standing here. >> greg: i want to ask you, congratulations in a presser. you're like miss manners. wouldn't a thank you note suffice? this is a serious press conference and it's like she's meeting justin bieber. >> every time
that -- or at least cheaters. now lance armstrong is suked into this whole thing. paula broadway -- broadwell posted on facebook, can anyone introduce me to lance armstrong? broadwell apparently went on a run with armstrong in july and said she wanted to set up a special bike outing for the general she was boinking, her words. there was a number of classified information found secured on her laptop. we have videotape of her removing the file from her house. >> it just goes to show you candice guys your computer file as a dog, but the fbi will see right through that. >> that dog was loaded. >> that dog was loaded. >> and hilarious. >> don't make your pets drink. that's ridiculous. >> petraeus cheated on his wife. broadwell cheated on her husband. don't stories like this give uh warm feeling inside? >> the story has gotten weirder and weirder and weirder and weirder and weirder. >> and weirder. >> and weirder too. and weirder. okay, the fbi here, the agent came out -- the shirtless fbi agent said there is this and there is -- who knows where this story is going to go. we reached peak weirdness with th
the dictatorship in oyria, but there is no end in noht. lance armstrong has resigned from the board of his cancer oardity. two weeks after sandy, why are so many people still in the dark? and we'll show you the jewels recovered from the "titanic" when the "cbs evening news" continues.yo t. so why spend even a moment considering any broth but swanson? the broth cooks trust most to make the meal folks spend all year waiting for. in stuffing and more, the secret is swanson. if you're a man with low testosterone, you should know that axiron is here. the only underarm treatment for low t. that's right, the one you apply to the underarm. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18. axiron can transfer to others through direct contact. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these signs and symptoms to your doctor if they occur. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. do not use if
unbuckled of the roof. she says it is not knocking down her spirit. >> lance armstrong has now cut all ties with charity organization, live strong. he kept a seat on the board of directors, but now in an effort to avoid painting the organization it anymore negative fallout, armstrong has resigned his board seat. it was claimed he use performance enhancing drugs during his cycling career and former teammates testified against him. >> fine and i can save some money by doing two things. >> hundred came out to show support on veterans day in mount vernon. i am kim dacey and i will explain, coming up. >> some rain overnight andx have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payme
. >>> ahead, lance armstrong makes a decision about his livestrong charity following the doping scandal. >>> splintered wood and charred earth is all that remains in an indiana neighborhood. the ongoing investigation into the mysterious weekend blast. >>> trading underway on wall street. dow up 11 points. >>> good morning. here's a look at doppler covering the entire state, a few radar returns in the central valley mainly north where storm is going to stay, 63 eureka today, 59 chico, low to mid 60s sacramento, fresno, big sur, low to mid 70s san diego, los angeles, palm springs, tahoe 49, yosemite 53. >>> let's check with josh elliot for what is coming up on "good morning america." >>> a lot of new questions about the petraeus affair. >>> indeed, questions we will try to answer this morning. hello everybody in the bay area. we will have the latest on the scandal that has ended the career of cia chief general david petraeus, shocking end obviously. we'll take a closer look at the other woman, involved, paula broadwell, rocking washington. we are also going to speak to a colleague of the
was he fast, he made everyone else slower. like if instead of just doping lance armstrong also made everyone else eat a turkey dinner. (laughter) now some say -- (applause) some say all this -- (cheers and applause) they still love you, lance. now, some say all this computer trading is dangerous but i say it's actually safer because if the stock market ever crashes again, instead of brokers jumping out of windows in a panic they'll simply turn on their computer and see the soothing message "error 404, economy not found." (cheers and applause) because, really, what's the worst that can happen? here to tell us the worst that could happen is the author of "automate this: how algorithms came to rule the world." please welcome christopher steiner. thank you so much! (cheers and applause) nice to meet you. okay. now we have the book here "automate this: how computers came to rule the world." how did they come to rule the world? how much trading are we talking about? just a little bit, right? >> sure, sure. at least half everyday. some days as much as 70%. when this started, though, it was
daughter. >>> another lance armstrong's reputation who is erasing his name now >>> welcome back. 5:48 on this thursday many storm to the south starting to bring showers often coast of los angeles and san diego everywhere else dry now stray shower possible south of the monterey bay as we head into the afternoon and down south of san diego otherwise increasing clouds everywhere with temperatures in the 50s around tahoe, 60s for eureka, chico, big sur to san diego, 70s through the central valley, los angeles, 80 in palm springs. >>> 5:49. image of a cross found in a tree trunk at a lafayette cemetery is creating a buzz. people have been stopping by the queen of heff excellent cemetery to see it. -- the queen of heaven cemetery to see it. a ground keeper whose brother died a few weeks ago in a car accident says he has been looking for signs and thinks this is it. they are warting for a response from the tie sis to find out what to do about it. >>> -- >>> a woman is alive thanks to quick thinking of her daughter who saved her mother's life by performing cpr. 53-year-old laurie's husband
, veronica. >>> lance armstrong has officially severed ties with his cancer-fighting charity livestrong. the disgraced cyclist resigned from the board of directors nearly a month after stepping down as chairman. in a statement, a board member said armstrong left to avoid generating negative publicity about the charity. armstrong was stripped of all seven of his tour de france titles last month. after the anti-doping agency named him ringleader of the sophisticated doping scandal. >>> one day after the official veterans day holiday, in dallas, hundreds lined downtown streets for the annual veterans day parade. a similar scene played out this morning in the military-rich community of virginia beach. it's one of the biggest veterans day parades in the country. still this afternoon we'll introduce you to a local veteran who is literally running across the country to help wounded warriors. >>> this week president obama will focus on ways to avert the so-called fiscal cliff. he'll be meeting with labor and business leaders starting tomorrow. then sit down with congress al leaders friday. top
pump failed. >>> the hits keep on coming for disgraced cyclist lance armstrong. the foundation he founded to fight cancer dropping his name. the lance armstrong foundation will now be called the live strong foundation. armstrong resigned as chairman and quit from the board of directors earlier this week. >>> chicago mayor rahm emanuel is taking lessons from new york city's nanny there mike bloomberg. he is cracking down on calories. he wants to get rid of all of the chips, the chocolate and the soda sold in vending machines. by next year he plans to replace all of the machines with healthier options. that is your 5@5:30. >> that's a lot of workers not too happy about that. >> probably not. >> president obama for the first time in 8 months defending the response to the benghazi terror attack as congress hold hearings in a few hours to find out the truth about what happened. doug luzader is live for us in washington with more. good morning, doug. >> good morning, guys. three committees in congress are going to start holding hearings on this to try to find out what really happened at
. >>> lance armstrong sent out this twitter photo over his weekend. on a couch from front of the yellow jerseys that were erased because of doping. the message says, back in austin. and just laying around. >>> now, for a look at the weather, here's bill karins with the weather channel forecast. you can't take those away from him. >> that's what my tv room looks like, too. >> mine, too. >> i have the outfits from when the big storms hit. and i put them up on the wall. >> you and me both. the shows and the dresses. >> very nice. wow. good morning, everyone. yesterday was a nice day for the cleanup that's still undergoing and will be going on until christmas, for all of the areas on the jersey shore. it was the warmest day this region had seen since sandy had hit. it's a mild morning. one more nice day of warm temperatures for the people struggling without power, which is about 100,000 people. the clouds are increasing. 65, near 70 today. a chance of tomorrows and rain late in the day from buffalo to pittsburgh. and this morning, the rain showers are from the ohio valley, kentucky, tenness
to number two. notre dame number three. alabama drops to four. georgia is now fifth. >>> lance armstrong sent a twitter photo this weekend of himself casually lying on a couch in front of all of these jerseys from the tour de france wins that were erased because of the books. you know, the whole doping thing. and the message with the photo reads "just back in austin, laying around" yeah, i'm just lance. >>> just ahead, 007 mania reaches the united states. and say it isn't so. bieber and gomez no more? >>> plus, a telltale sign that the holidays are upon us. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back. some of the coldest temperatures in the northern portions of america. minus 15 in fairbanks. this pool of cold air sooner or later will probably make a run to the south. it's that time of year where the days are very short, not a lot of sunlight left in fare banks. minus 2. anchorage at 32. juneau rain showers. in the northwest, rain and snow moving through. spokane has snow this morning. we're fine from vegas to phoenix and los angeles. as i mentioned tomorrow, things do begin to impro
of a private investment firm. >>> lance armstrong is cutting ties with his charity live strong to avoid further damage brought by the doping charges. armstrong resigned from the board of directors in early november after stepping down as chairman on october 17th, a spokeswoman said he still remains the inspiration, though and is its largest donor at $7 million. >>> a leading drug to fight the flu might not work. a british medical journal is asking the drug maker roush to release all its data on tamiflu. there's no evidence that the drug can actually stop the flu. >>> and for years, doctors have been looking for links that will help them better understand why some children develop autism and others don't. so far, there are many theories but no answers. >> now doctors believe a mother's health may have something to do with a child developing autism. >> reporter: new evidence out this week finds children with mothers who have the flu or fever lasting more than a woke while they were pregnant may be in a higher risk of developing autism. the large detainish study looked at 97,000 children born bet
get a flu shot. >>> lance armstrong is officially cutting all ties to his cancer-fighting charity, livestrong. he's walking way to avoid residual damage. he had resigned atlystrong's chairman now stepped down from . the u.s. anti-doping agency stripped armstrong of his tour de france titles and banned him from out competing a livestrong spokesperson says armstrong has personally donated more than seven million dollars over the the years. >>> mike i heard a touch of rain may be on the way. >> a little, then the big touch a week from now you have a little bit to prepare. not going to be assange as it was last week. off to a yet start sunny no record highs. bull picture downtown san jose this morning. 2600 feet up on mount tamalpais back towards ocean beach, haze, no need to worry not a spare the air day. live doppler 7 hd, clouds on top of us, well away from the bay area up to the north that's where the storm track is going to stay over the next couple of days. a dip or two may try to fall in the north bay, i think mendocino, those counties probably closest it is going to get. as fa
to demand smaller, safer and more energy-efficient cars. >>> lance armstrong has cut his remaining ties with the charity he founded. back in october you will recall he resigned as chairman of livestrong. but he kept a seat on the board. well today, he gave that up. and on his way out he posted a photo of himself on twitter, relaxing at home, surrounded by his seven tour de france yellow jerseys, representing the seven tour de france titles he has now been stripped of, as a result of the doping scandal. >>> up here next, the veterans, marking their own holiday by making a difference for others. >>> and coming off the veteran's day holiday it is time for our "making a difference report," since our veterans already know how to sign up for duty having already done it once, a whole lot of veterans did it this weekend, in some places that really need their help after the storm. and the vets treated it like a task, a mission, because that is how they know how to get the job done. our report tonight from stephanie gosk. >> when we get to the place. >> reporter: iraq war veteran harry golden has
, antes que estÉn con el tiempo, en la caÍda del ciclista lance armstrong continÚa, pasÓ por otro episodio, le vamos a decir que es lo que ocurriÓ ademÁs las casas de los angeles en donde muriÓ el rey del pop se vendiÓ y les diremos cuando tose pagÓ y la voz de elmo ha tomado licencia para ausentarse de plaza sÉsamo y ademÁs dicen que mantuvo relaciones Íntimas con un menor de edad. >> ahÍ estaremos pendientes. >> seguro. >> gracias enrique. >> las graves heridas que sufrÓo en la guerra no le despertar, en las noticias se habla de un inminente "precipicio fiscal", sepa qué significa para su bolsillo.y el calvario del tráfico humano a veces puede resultar en un beneficio migratorio para la víctima. cuál es y quiénes >> (gritos) >> estas son imÁgenes de la ceremonia por el dÍa de veteranos ante la tumba del soldado desconocido, los veteranos de guerra con memorÁnd conmemora en noviembre, hay mÁs de 21 millones de veteranos. >> hablando sobre el sistema un soldado estadounidense guatemalteco que dÓ mutilado en irak, desde california, liliana nos muestra como wesley barrien
eficiencia. w4r lance armstrong rompiÓ lazos con su fundaciÓn. luego de la acusaciÓn de dopaje. el hombre que da vitaed al muÑeco elmo se tomÓ una licencia del programa plaza sÉsamo luego que salieron acusaciones de que tuvo relaciÓn con una joven de 16 aÑos Él negÓ esta acusacion, admitiÓ que sÍ tuvieron una relaciÓn de mutuo consentimiento entre dos adultos. >>> la mansiÓn de 17 pies cuadrados en que michael jackson viviÓ los Últimos meses de su vida vendida por 18 millones de dÓlares la empresa promotora late nei arrendada por cien mil dÓlares el agente vendedor nego hacer pÚblico el nombre del comprador. >>> en instantes, vencÍa quedÓ bajo el agua, ademÁs, el presidente de guatemala habla sobre un sismo cuando otro lo interrumpe y raperos que cantan por la paz en colombia, pagan por sus vidas. regresam regresamos. las noticias y la informaciÓn no termina aquÍ el mal tiempo que azota el norte de italia inundÓ vencÍa donde el nivel del mar alcanzÓ el sexto re jgistro mÁs alto 70% de la famosa ciudad se inundÓ cuando llegÓ el mar a 5 pies por encima del nivel norma
in serverance money. it's believed pandit fell out of favor with the bank's board of directors. lance armstrong is resigning from the board of livestrong, the cancer fighting charity he founded. armstrong says he's stepping aside to spare the organization any negative effects as a result of his fall from cycling grace. armstrong was stripped of his seven tour de france titles and banned for life from cycling by the u.s. anti-doping agency after multiple doping allegations. never underestimate the power of a new coat of paint. sherwin williams, the largest paint- maker in the u.s., is buying privately-held mexican paint company consorcio comex for $2.3 billion. the deal means the companies will combine operations and expand distribution in the united states, canada, mexico and other latin american countries. cleveland-based sherwin williams makes dutch boy, minwax, krylon and its own namesake paints. still to come, dirty money: how banks are sometimes involved in laundering drug money, and how you could be too. plus, why you need to check your mood the next time you shop. ways corporate america
in is place.. lance armstrong has officiallyy foundation. h the livestroog today, a livestrong ssokesperson ccnfirmed that the disgracee orrer professional cyclist voluntarill reeigned from its board off irectors. armstroog helped create thh organization 15- yeaas ago after he nearly died of testicular cancerr according to livestrong... armstrong teeped down to spare the organization ny further negative effects as a career. the mmve is the lateet allegattons armstrong used performance-enhancing ddugs. armstrong has not dmitted to using the substances, but e has aaso chosen not to ight the chargee against him. earlier we told ttat kevin clash ...theedundalk native street character elmo has taken a eavv of absencc. accusations that he had sex pith an uuderage boy....ut no crrmmnal ccarges have been file. filed. its our question of the day firee?. so far most of the ?..- response on our faccbook page reminds us that you are innoceet until proven guilty. go to foo-baltimore dot ccm you can also souud off througg facebook. seed us a tweet.. text your answer to 452033 enter fox45a for ye
drops to four. georgia is now fifth. >>> lance armstrong sent a twitter photo this weekend of himself casually lying on a couch in front of all of these jerseys from the tour de france wins that were erased because of the books. you know, the whole doping thing. and the message with the photo reads "just back in austin, laying around" yeah, i'm just lance. >>> just ahead, 007 mania reaches the united states. and say it isn't so. bieber and gomez no more? >>> plus, a telltale sign that the holidays are upon us. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back to "early today." who needs the umbrella as you head out the door this morning. detroit, cleveland, columbus, all of you in the state of ohio, indianapolis, it's raining right now. it's all light rain, but you definitely want the umbrella as you head in and out of the car this morning and across the state of kentucky. it looks like this rain will hold off the eastern seaboard during the day today, so you do not need the umbrella. we're clear and cold back here in the midwest after this big storm system. the good news for the east c
. >>> lance armstrong foundation is changing its name. the foundation will now officially be called livestrong foundation. armstrong had previously stepped down as chairman and last week resigned from the board of directors. it comes after the u.s. antidoping agency says he was involved in doping throughout his cycling career. >>> seven minutes away from 5:00 right now and whether you're on team jacob or edward, breaking dawn part 2 premieres in theaters. a special screening 10:00 showing in our area. for example the sin mark egyptian at arundel mills mall. they have five of the 10:00 showings sold out and two of the midnight shows they're sold out as well buy the tickets online and get there early to get seats. >>> it doesn't matter if you're planning to stay up late. either way you're probably going to grab a cup of coffee. how much would you pay for that caffeine fix? well, if you head to one cafe in annapolis, ceremony coffee, you can pay for a 12-ounce bag of coffee, 12-ounce bag, $90. you heard that right. almost $100 for the less than pound of coffee. the brew is called panama geisha, i
is now without lance armstrong, one ofs it founders. the disgraced champion stepped down. live strong's president, doug you willman is raised in howard county. he said armstrong did it to spare the organization. armstrong helped create the organization some 15 years ago after he nearly died of testicular cancer. >>> an armed robber at a cecil county store picked the wrong person. >> reporter: he tried to move them into the back. one of the customers turned the tables on him. abc 2's jeff hager has more. >> reporter: the robber wore a mask and car i -- carried a large handgun. you can see the suspecten ter the store and tossed the bag to the employee behind him and demanded that she fill it with cash, but the clerk spot lad long time customer who happened to be a retired maryland state cropper. she mentioned there might be more cash in the back. when the robber forced them to the back. the former trooper stormed on hem. the suspect broke free of the grip, making off with the cash. the store owner is lauding the man who disarmed him as a hero. >> is a hero. i told a lot of people. he's
there to vote. >>> the investigation into the cyclist lance armstrong's role in the doping scandal is far from over just a week after being stripped from his seven tour- tour de france title that could cost him his olympic bronze medal. >>> despite criticism. this sunday's new york city marathon will be going on as planned. however the events on friday and saturday have been canceled. the mayor says that those emergency officials, they will not be used for the race. instead they are going to hire more private contractors for the marathon. and so they said that they are not going to cancel that they want to bring inspiration to the area, but a lot of people are not too happy about that. >> they will make it through. >> exactly. >>> that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. derek will see you at 7:00. have a great night.
. moving day for a marine who could use a new home. find out who pitched in. >> and lance armstrong severs ties with a charity near and dear to his heart. >> why getting the flu during pregnancy comes with risks. dr. oz joins us live to talk about that topic and more as we continue. >> the clouds have come in so you know things are changing. won't be long now we're going to talk about rain coming across the area. how long is it going to stick around and what happens once the rain moves on? first look at your forecast all coming up. stay with us.  >>> lance armstrong is no longer associated with the livestrong charity he founded. he resigned from the board of directors november 4th. he previously resigned as chairman but kept his seat on the board. now, he is cut off from the charity. a spokes person says he will remain the inspiration for live strong and still the charity's largest donor. >> in tonight's health alert, mother's to be who have the flu or prolonged fever may have increased risk to give birth to a child with autism. found children born to women
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